Career Coaching

Coach John Long has developed a unique brand~system of career coaching called CAREER JUDO. This system takes a strengths-based approach blended with elements of positive psychology and solution focused change. CAREER JUDO combines a lifetime of insights with over 12 years of practical strategies and resources that have been applied successfully by numerous students and clients. Like the colored belts you are awarded as you advance in judo training, CAREER JUDO ™ offers step-wise levels of trusted techniques and a progression of knowledge, skills, and resources to help you achieve a meaningful change in your career. Each “belt” in CAREER JUDO provides viable techniques that you can immediately engage to craft your career map and achieve results. Most importantly, just as you would learn how to balance your own unique strengths against those of your opponents in the dojo, CAREER JUDO  helps you discover what makes you unique and valuable in the job market and learn how to demonstrate that powerfully to potential employers.

Career Coach provides clients with professional support to successfully navigate academic and career issues.  The coach will educate clients on the strategies, tools and resources available to become more pro-active and take charge of their academic or work life. 

A career coach will assess the client’s current situation and offer feedback to help clarify their career goals and objectives.  The coach, as an objective observer, listener and communicator will work with the client and develop a career roadmap to support positive change.  

Career coaching may be right for you, if you feel you need assistance in dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Assessing and exploring strengths, interests, personality, motivation, and values
  • Researching and selecting a major for undergraduate study or graduate school.
  • Returning to school as an adult student for degree completion or graduate study.
  • Researching and selecting an occupation
  • Designing a strategic resume and cover letter
  • Developing a more effective, strategic job search 
  • Interview preparation/coaching
  • Exploring options for alternative careers
  • Navigating a career transition
  • Evaluating opportunities for additional training/education  
  • Identifying barriers to career movement and success
  • Focus on Results: Defining goals, action plans, time management, and organizational skills
  • Achieving the desired level of work-life balance
  • Creating a targeted plan for ongoing career development

For some individuals the answer to the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” eludes them well into adulthood.  Or at mid-career/mid-life questions may surface such as “What do I want for the next phase of life?” or “How can I be doing more meaningful work, work that has more substance and value?” And turning to one’s parents, spouse/partner, friends and colleagues provides extremely subjective, often limited results.  There is a better way! 

Working with a career coach can  provide the structure, objectivity and motivation to answer serious questions and make informed decisions.  The career coach is an advisor who has completed specialty training and maintains industry credentials and alliances to represent the profession of career coaching…and to support the career development needs of the clients served.

Coach John Long is a Positive Psychology Ambassador - PPsyA