People Coaching, Staff Development & Outplacement

Organizations can engage the services of a Board Certified Coach to provide their staff with development opportunities or targeted support for career transition.  

PEOPLE COACHING: Progressive organizations recognize the value of coaching. You can provide professional coaching as a holistic benefit to the people in your organization. Individual coaching sessions offer needed support to overcome obstacles, combat negative self talk and self-defeating habits, identify career and life goals, and create viable action plans to achieve desired results ($185 per 60 min. session).


STAFF DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING: We specialize in providing targeted workshops that promote understanding and engagement for your staff. Popular topics include stress management, applied positive psychology in the workplace, and leveraging your personality preferences (Myers Briggs Type Indicator/MBTI) for greater work satisfaction and performance (communication, participating on teams, leading projects, etc.). Contact us to discuss your training needs and ideas and we'll work with you to design and deliver a lunch-and-learn or workshop with impact ($185 per 60 min. session).


The OUTPLACEMENT by DESIGN # package will lend professional support to the individual whose position has been eliminated due to reduction in force/downsizing.  A proposed coaching package would include (package will be customized to the individual's needs):

  • Intake session to review the individual’s background and current situation in detail.
  • Formal Assessments: MBTI Career Report Strong Interest Inventory ($85 total)
  • Self Assessment Exercises for Skills/Strengths and Career Values.
  • Exercises to research selected occupational roles/career paths.
  • Establishing both short-term and long term career goals, as well as options for additional training, education, and/or certification to enter a new career.
  • 9 Follow-up Coaching Sessions: for interpretation of assessment results, career exploration, defining focus of a job search, discuss a pro-active job search strategy, and interview preparation ($185 per 60 min. session)
  • 5 hours of writing support to develop an updated resume, cover letter, letter of introduction and reference list ($65 per hour for writing support)
  • Email support between formal sessions.

# Outplacement services are in-person at our offices in Jacksonville, FL unless the individual prefers phone or Zoom sessions.


Coach John Long is a Positive Psychology Ambassador - PPsyA