Positive Psychology Training

What is a Positive Psychology Ambassador  ::  PPsyA?

For most people, learning a few simple tools can move us from surviving to thriving! Positive Psychology uses strengths to improve our well-being, and a Positive Psychology Ambassador (PPsyA) uses these tools for the good of others, in whichever environment we find ourselves.  

By embracing and practicing several core techniques, we can move from surviving to thriving, and help others to experience more meaning in their lives, too.  

Change Starts with You!

For anyone who works with people, it’s important to not only be positive for your own mental health, but also to foster positivity in others. As a Positive Psychology Ambassador, you will learn simple and fun ways to turn conversations, classes, and interactions into positive experiences for all involved. Through proven techniques, you will learn how to turn doubt and negativity into an opportunity for positivity!  

Why Become a Positive Psychology Ambassador  ::  PPsyA?

The science reports that being happier and more optimistic has many benefits, both for ourselves and others. Even with just one exercise from positive psychology, many people report feeling less sadness and increased levels of optimism and joy. And, when we learn to find meaning in our own lives, we can help others to do the same. It’s not about just “fixing what’s wrong”, we learn how to “build on the strong”.

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